Forever memory of our classmates who have passed away.

Please take a few moments to view the Memorial Slide Show above. 

Below are the names of our classmates about whom we have received notification of their passing.  If you have any pictures or other information about any of the deceased, or if you know of any others who have passed away, please let us know through the Contact Us page or you can e-mail to

Bill Young - May 2000
Ben Anderson - September 13, 2019
Beverly McGrew

Carl Harris
Cathy Lyons
Charles Frank - 3/26/15

Charles Kennison - 7/14/13
Cholly Whitten Beasley - 1/8/13
Claude Bowman Slaton - 3/19/17

Clifford Phillips - 2/5/13 (automobile accident)
Dana Heully - 2/15/15
Debbie Haddox Kleiner - 3/7/19

Deborah Sullivan

Dina Ouber - 8/22/09

Don Ardoin

Don Renaud

Donald Bauerle

Elaine Shaffet
Ellen Clayton Anderson - 2013
Emily Bourke Hall - March 2006

Fran Meador - 10/22/98
Frances Hazlip - 6/27/15

Gary Jeter

Gerald Payne
Glenda Falgout

Glenn Metz
Jerry Cassano - 10/27/15

Jimmy Odom - 11/30/13

Johnny Womack
Judy Anselmo Thibodeaux - 5/11/11
Kathy Chandler

Kay Ashford

Kevin Penton

Kim Anthony Embrey - 8/26/14
Lana Himel

Linda Turner - 5/12/71

Michael Davis
Mike Carlisle - 2012

Mike Evans

Mike Schutzman - 10/21/13

Mike Terrell 12/30/13

Mittie Sue Fortenberry

Mona Verbois
Morgy Borskey 5/5/16

Osmond Moore

Pamela Johnson
Quin Caston 6/26/2017

Rebecca Westbrook

Richard Kelly - 2/9/13

Ricky Eppinett

Ricky Saucier

Robert Fitzgerald
Ronnie Woodruff - 10/23/10

Roy Ourso
Sammy Boeta

Stephanie Hooker

Susan Cox
Vickie Lynn Cline Cayten - 3/16/12

Vivian Schissel

Wilda Steen