This is the sign in front of Errick's home.
This is the sign in front of Errick's home.
These are "girl" directions.  You guys may laugh, but these are the kind of directions it takes for us girls to get anywhere.  

Directions to Errick's home from Baton Rouge:

After crossing the I-10 bridge westward, continue past the Plaquemine and Port Allen exit, and in about 2.5 miles you will take the Lobdell Exit, La 415.  Turn right at the bottom of the ramp and proceed down 415 until it winds around and connects with La. Hwy. 190.  Proceed down Hwy. 190 for approximately 6 miles.  Turn right on Rougon Road.  There is a big white building on the corner with a sign out front that says KISSNER'S.  Proceed down Rougon Road for approximately 6 miles until you dead-end into La. 416.  Turn left toward Lakeland.  Proceed one mile and turn right on Hwy. 413.  There will be a Catholic church on your left and the church office on the corner on the right.  In a very short distance this will dead-end into Island Road (La. 413).  Take a left and proceed down Island Road for approximately 7.5 miles.  Errick's address is 8689 Island Road and his home will be on the left.    Parking will be across the road, and there will be security to assist you.  

If you are traveling from the west, the directions will be the same once you turn onto Rougon Road from La. 190.  

If you are traveling from somewhere north of Baton Rouge where you might want to take La. Hwy 61to St. Francisville and cross the river on the Audubon Bridge, these are directions from the bridge to Errick's:

After you cross the Audubon Bridge, when you get to the bottom on the other side, you will turn at the first left to take the service road to the River Road at the levee.  Turn right onto the River Road (La. 981).  At the Tiger Trak gas station, turn left to stay on River Road along the levee.  Go less than a mile and turn right on La. 413 (Island Road).  Errick's home will be on the right approximately 8 miles from the levee.  Parking will be on your left.