This page is not yet activated for the order or payment of tickets for our 50th Reunion.  The names shown here are the attendees at the 45th Reunion
Guest Purchased Tickets
Joe Abraham
Jimmy Achord
Jimmy Achord Guest
Debra Bergeron (aguillard)
Ben Anderson
Glynda Delaughter (Anderson)
Gerald Baudin
Jan Armistead (Baudin)
Clarice Bercegeay
John Bercegeay
Billy Braswell
Kim Braswell
Ann Bourgeois (Busceme)
John Busceme
Gayle Smith (Cambre)
Gilbert Campagna
Debra Stagg (Campbell)
Thomas Campbell
Debra Ward (Cannon)
Kerney Cannon
Darlyne Cassano
Jerry Cassano
Denise Hernandez (coates)
Angie Guidry (Cooper)
Paul Cooper
Ronnie Davis
Susan Doucet (Davis)
Robert Dawson
Dennis Day
Tootie Day
Ronnie Debate
Vicki Debate
Patti Gill (Domengeaux)
Richard ( Ricky) Domengeaux
Gary Duncan
Tamara Duncan
Linda Gurka (Dupuy)
Debbie Etheridge
Fred Etheridge
Chuck Fletcher
Kindra Fletcher
Glenn Foret
Gwen Foret
Richard Frazier
Vickie Berthelot (Frazier)
Freddie Gardner
Virginia Lichtenberg (Gardner)
Barbara Lane Gauley (Gauley)
Donnie Goodwin
Sylvia Forrest (Goodwin)
Dan Williams Guest
Carol Hernanadez (Guidry)
George Guidry
Holly Kelly (Harless)
Jack Harless
Denny Harrell
Neal Harvey
Ron Hay
Theresa Rome (Hay)
Don Henderson
Anita Hill
Steve Hill
Jack Holmes
Sharon Hughes
Terry Hughes
Bill Johnson
Brenda Altazin (Johnson)
Goldie Tillman (Kelly)
Christine Laird (Kirkland)
Derald Kirkland
Jeannie Dispenza (Landry)
Sonny Landry
Trudy Zumo (Langlois)
Claudia Adams (Laperouse)
Carolyn Noto (LeBlanc)
Darrell LeBlanc
Dorothy Aubin (Lemoine)
Phillip Leonard
Phillip Leonard Guest
Ann Lorio
Mike Lorio
Johnny Manela
Lucille Henagan (Manela)
Donnie Marino
Karen Marino
Renata Marino
Ronnie Marino
David McFadden
Sharon Landry (McFadden)
Billy Morris
Jerry Edwards (Morris)
Cliff Morrison
Sandy Wartelle (Morrison)
Mary Neal
Ron Neal
Charlie New
Gay New
Jimmie Percy
Marilyn Reily (Percy)
Connie DeLoach (Ponthieu)
Dewey Ponthieu
Jerry Provencher
Mary Daigle (Provencher)
Beverly Rando
Remi Richard
Paul Root
Gary Ross
Pam Burford (Ross)
Jimmy Russell
Bobby Sanches
Billy Sharkey
Casey Smith
Elizabeth Kadair (Smith)
Diane Williams (Sparks)
Rudy Sparks
Donna Stephens
Errick Stephens
Ronnie Sumerlin
Ann Williams (Terrio)
David Terrio
George Thompson
Bill Trotter
Lorry Simmons (Trotter)
Jeanie Tyson
Wayne Tyson
Mary Lemoine (Verzwyvelt)
Vickie Watts
Dan Williams
Susan Aucoin (Wroten)
Total 129